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A schematic of the organic and inorganic components of the modelled carbon cycle.

The article provides answers to the questions posed in the carbon model worksheet 3.

Worksheet answers

  1. Bicarbonate ion and dissolved CO2 gas (CO2(aq)) should increase (as a fraction or percentage of the total pool of DIC), as the pH drops below 8.2, while carbonate ion should decrease.
  2. (a) adding 1000 Gt C over a space of 400 years causes a maximum impact of ca. -0.2 units on pH, (b) 2000 Gt C causes pH to drop by a maximum of -0.4 units, 4000 Gt C by -0.7 units, and 8000 Gt C by -1 unit.
  3. (a) +10; (b) +20; (c) +50; (d) +110 μMol kg-1.
  4. (a) -80; (b) -120; (c) -150; (d) -180 μMol kg-1.
  5. (a) +190; (b) +290; (c) +390; (d) +450 μMol kg-1.

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