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Oceans2025 Theme 10 Sustained Observations within the
Ocean Observing and Climate Research Group

Map showing location of repeat hydrographic cruises and sustained observations funded under Oceans 2025 Theme 10 (click on icon or line for further information)

Monitoring the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (Oceans 2025 Theme 10 - SO3) (red)
  • This contribution to Oceans2025 delivers cruise-based hydrographic measurements across the North Atlantic along 26.5N in order to complement and test the Rapid/Rapid-Watch monitoring array. More information
Argo profiling float system (Oceans 2025 Theme 10 - SO5)
  • Oceans2025 funding ensures that the international and national programmes for the Argo profiling float system continues to develop and maintain a data acquisition, calibration and delivery system that facilitates exploitation for NERC's scientific objectives. More information
Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Oceans 2025 Theme 10 - SO6) (black)
  • Under Oceans2025 an annual hydrographic section across the ACC at Drake Passage is maintained, based on measurements of temperature, salinity and currents, with the opportunity for additional biogeochemical measurements (e.g. relating to carbon system). More information
Surface Fluxes and Waves (Oceans 2025 Theme 10 - SO9)
  • OOC has developed datasets from in situ and satellite operational observations. The main dataset is the NOCS v2.0 Surface Flux dataset but satellite wave and precipitation datasets are also planned. More information
Other Oceans 2025 Theme 10 Involvement

OceanObs '09

Theme 10 also funded the involvement of several OOC scientists in the recent OceanObs09 conference which aimed to build a common vision for the provision of routine and sustained global information on the marine environment sufficient to meet society's needs. More information