Ocean Modelling and Forecasting pages

Ocean Observing and Climate Staff

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Dr Yevgeny AksenovOcean Modelling and Sea ice research9582
Dr Thomas AndersonEcosystem modelling6337
Dr Adam BlakerClimate modelling, ocean teleconnections and fast wave propagation6312
Mr Jeff BlundellNumerical Modelling, High Performance Computing6201
Dr Simon Boxall2744
Prof Harry BrydenPhysical Oceanography6437
Dr Peggy Courtois9669
Dr Andrew CowardLarge scale ocean modelling6213
Dr Susanne FangohrAir - Sea Interaction and Satellite Oceanography3028
Dr Xiangbo Fengextreme marine events prediction; typhoon wave modeling9685
Dr Eleanor Frajka-WilliamsPhysical Oceanography6044
Dr Jeremy GristAir-Sea Fluxes7738
Dr John HemmingsBiogeochemical Modelling7793
Dr Joel HirschiPhysical oceanography6258
Dr Vladimir Ivchenko6666
Prof Gurvan MadecOcean Model Development and Analysis6202
Dr Robert MarshOcean and Climate modelling6214
Dr Alex MegannClimate modelling, large-scale ocean circulation6645
Dr Alberto Naveira GarabatoPhysical Oceanography2680
Dr Adrian NewOcean Physics and Climate Change6173
Dr George NurserModelling Ocean Physics6203
Dr Kevin OliverPhysical Oceanography; Earth System Modelling6490
Dr Ekaterina PopovaOcean modelling6346
Prof Ian RobinsonOcean Remote Sensing Methods and Applications3438
Dr Florian SevellecPredictability and variability of the large scale ocean dynamics4850
Prof John ShepherdEarth System Science & Modelling, Climate Change6256
Dr Bablu SinhaOcean Modelling, Climate, Biogeochemical Models7742
Dr David SmeedPhysical oceanography6407
Dr Stephanie WatermanPhysical Oceanography6021
Dr Neil WellsOcean modelling, climate, air-sea interaction2428
Mr Werenfrid WimmerSea Surface Temperature7654
Dr Andrew YoolOpen ocean biogeochemical modelling6339
Visiting Staff
Dr David WebbPhysical Oceanography6666
PhD Students
Mrs Maria BroadbridgePhysical Oceanography6240
Mr Kasem ElfadliPhysical oceanography6478
Mr Dafydd Gwyn Evans9219
Mr Stephen FawcettPhysical Oceanography6666
Miss Freja HuntAtmospheric teleconnections6487
Miss ChongYuan (Yolanda) MaoPhysical Oceanography6487
Miss Aurelie PersechinoOcean & Climate Modelling2012
Miss Melissa Saeland6666
Mr Ben TimmermansUncertainty in wave models.6108