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Ocean Observing and Climate Staff

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Prof Eric AchterbergMarine Biogeochemistry3199
Dr Maria BakerDeep Sea Marine Ecologist and International Project Coordinator6352
Dr Brian BettDeep-Sea Benthic Biology6355
Dr Tom BibbyMarine Phytoplankton Ecology and Molecular Biology6446
Mr Alastair BrownEvolutionary Ecology – Life in Extreme Environments6666
Miss Emma CavanMarine Biogeochemistry8724
Dr Ken Collinscoastal sublittoral ecology6010/6271
Dr Jon CopleyMarine Ecology6666
Mr Brian DickieMarine Chemistry2260
Ms Jennifer DurdenDeep Sea Ecology6354
Dr Gareth DykeVertebrate Palaeontology3110
Dr Claire Evans6338
Dr Andrew GatesDeep-sea ecology, environmental physiology6363
Dr John GittinsMarine and Molecular Biology6599/6502
Dr Martha GledhillMarine Biogeochemistry9258
Dr Aurélie Goineau6333
Prof Andrew GoodayDeep-sea ecology, benthic foraminifera6353/6362
Dr Rachel HaleBenthic Ecology2786
Mr Mark HartmanOceanographic data collection & analysis6059
Mrs Sue HartmanNutrient & Carbonate chemistry6343
Dr Manuela HartmannMicrobial Plankton Ecologist6380
Dr Chris HautonPhysiology and immunology of marine invertebrates5784
Mr Jeff Hawkes6345
Dr Lawrence Hawkins Invertebrate Ecophysiology3426
Dr Stephanie Henson6643
Dr Anna HickmanPhytoplankton Ecology; Ocean Biogeochemistry2132
Dr Tammy HortonTaxonomy and biodiversity in the deep sea6352/6361
Dr Benjamin Hume9346
Dr Antony JensenInshore Marine Ecology and Fisheries3428
Dr Daniel JonesBenthic ecology6357
Prof Richard LampittTemporal changes in the ocean; downward particle flux.6347
Mr Fred Le Moigne6336
Dr Cathy LucasGelatinous zooplankton; Tidal flat dynamics; HPLC6617
Dr Charlotte MarcinkoEcological Modelling, Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates6338
Dr Adrian MartinBiology-physics interactions6342
Dr Mark MooreMarine phytoplankton ecophysiology and biogeochemistry4801
Dr Stuart PainterMarine Biogeochemistry6209
Dr Anouska Panton6237
Mrs Corinne PebodyTechnician specialising in downward particle flux6348
Miss Nicola Pratt6599
Dr Duncan PurdieMarine Phytoplankton Ecology and Biogeochemistry2263
Ms Jane ReadPhysical oceanography and its impact on biogeochemical processes6433
Mr Adam ReedAntarctic bivalve reproduction and ecology6573
Dr Henry RuhlDeep-Sea Ecology6365
Dr Richard SandersMarine Biogeochemistry6014
Dr Helen Smith6354
Prof Peter StathamMarine Biogeochemistry2679
Mr Mark StinchcombeMarine Biogeochemistry6340
Dr Sven ThatjeEvolutionary Ecology - Life in Extreme Environments6449
Dr Sinhue Torres-ValdesMarine Biogeochemistry9237
Prof Paul TylerDeep-Sea Biology2557
Dr Eithne Tynan3641
Prof Toby TyrrellOcean acidification6110
Dr Joerg Wiedenmann6497
Dr John Williamsinvertebrate physiology and zooplankton3639
Dr Mike ZubkovMicrobial biogeochemistry and flow cytometry6335
Visiting Staff
Dr David BillettDeep-Sea Benthic (Seabed) Biology, Bentho-Pelagic Coupling, Canyons, Seamounts6354
Prof Patrick HolliganPhytoplankton ecology4806
Prof Raymond PollardUpper Ocean Physical and Multidisciplinary Oceanog6433
PhD Students
Miss  6478
Mr David AldridgeMarine Biogeochemistry3199
Miss Jennifer ClarkeDevelopment of in-situ high resolution ocean pCO2 and pH sensors6252
Miss Harriet ColeOcean biogeochemistry6239
Miss Glaucia FragosoMarine phytoplankton ecology and biogeochemistry6631
Mr Matthew HumphreysOceanic uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide6252
Mr Francois-Eric Legiret6168
Mr Sam Lew9054
Mr Christos-Moritz Loukas6168
Miss Rosalind PidcockMesoscale mechanisms of nutrient supply9054
Miss Hanna SchusterEffects of disturbance on deep-sea megafauna6240
Mr Joe Scutt PhillipsMarine Ecology6132
Miss Maria ValeXXXX