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Ocean Biogeochemistry & Ecosystems Group - Facilities

In addition to more standard equipment, a range of advanced facilities are available to OBE researchers:

Clean laboratory (contact Prof Peter Statham)

Coral Reef laboratory (contact Dr Jörg Wiedenmann)

Discovery Collections (contact Dr Tammy Horton)

Flow cytometry (contact Ross Holland)

Molecular Biology (contact Dr Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez)

PAP Sustained Observatory (contact Dr Richard Lampitt)

PELAGRA drifting sediment traps (contact Dr Richard Lampitt)

Phytoplankton culture (contact Dr Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez)

Pressure aquarium laboratory (contact Dr Sven Thatje)

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) (contact Dr Richard Pearce)

Specialist deep-sea equipment (contact Ben Boorman)

... see also National Marine Facilities