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The web site for the 12th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium is now open
registration on that site will start in January 2010

UK deep-sea image

Welcome to the legacy pages of the 11th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, 9-14 July 2006.

We would like to thank everyone in the organising committee, and many others, for their assitance in the planning and running of the symposium. And of course we would like to thank all of our participants for making the meeting both enjoyable and successful. We are also grateful to our sponsors for all their contirbutions to the Symposium and the Image Competition.


We will maintain a selection of the Symposium web pages for sometime in to the future. Click on the links below to see a selection of photographs.

Batch 1 ------ Batch 2 ------ Batch 3


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