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The DEEPSEAS Group has a broad research base, spanning the largest International (e.g. Census of Marine Life), European (e.g. HERMIONE) and UK (e.g. AMES, ECOMAR, Crozet) programmes to the individual research projects of our post-graduate students. Our science ranges from pure alpha-taxonomy (e.g. foraminiferans, amphipods and echinoderms) to the development of leading edge faclities (e.g. Pressure Lab) and technology (e.g. Autosub camera system). There are projects concerning genetics, biochemistry, autecology, standing stocks, alph-, beta- and gamma- diversity, habitat mapping, conservation, biogeochemistry, modeling, and a host more.

Try our themes page for an overview of our areas of interest, and our commisioned research page for work we have undertaken for external customers.

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For further information on any of our research projects, details of research opportunities within the group, or to discuss options for commisioning research / consultancy please contact the team.