deepseasgroup - data

On this page you will find information on a range of data resouces hosted by the deepseas group at NOCS. These include sample catalogues, our specimen collection, and image libraries.

Research cruise station data
Data on our operations at sea and samples (i.e. position, depth, equipment used, samples retained, etc) are available for most of our recent cruises via the relevant cruise reports. Visit our cruises page for a listing of those cruises and links to the cruise reports. A large online cruise database is maintained by the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), including a fully searchable cruise inventory.
The Discovery Collections
We house a major collection of specimens and ecological samples from the deep sea. They are an important data resource for taxonomists and ecologists. If you are interested in making use of the collections please contact us, we host visiting researchers and also operate a specimen loan service for appropriate individuals / institutions.
The SERPENT Media Archive
The archive holds all the images and video footage the SEPENT team have collected from Remotely Operated Vehicles - there are hundreds of entries from around the world, from sharks to sea squirts!
The deepseascape image bank
The image bank is a searchable library of photographs illustrating the marine life and seafloor landscapes of the UK's deep-water territory (see also AMES project).
The ChEss project studies deep-water hydrothermal vents, cold seeps and other chemosynthetic ecosystems. ChEssBase is a taxonomic, biological, ecological and distributional database of species described from deep-water chemosynthetic ecosystems.