deepseasgroup - 12th DSBS

12th Deep-sea Biology Symposium, Reykjavík, Iceland, 7-11 June 2010.



List of participants

Book of abstracts


The deepseasgroup were well represented among the oral presentations:.

Morris K.J., Tyler P.A. and Rogers A.D.

Distribution and abundance of deep-sea corals upon an Axial Volcanic Ridge (AVR) of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at approximately 45°W 30' N.

Cuvelier D., Sarrazin J., Colaço A., Copley J.T., Desbruyères D., Glover A., Tyler P.A. and Serrão Santos R.

14 years of community dynamics at the Atlantic Eiffel Tower hydrothermal edifice

Ruhl HA, Hughes SJ, Boorman B, Alt C, Ross E and Billett DSM

Long-term variation in biodiversity and ecosystem function of abyssal megafauna

Ingels J, Kiriakoulakis K, Wolff GA, Billett DSM and Vanreusel A

The impact of deep-sea canyon conditions on meiobenthic structure and function

Kamenskaya Olga, Gooday Andrew J., Radziejewska Teresa, Melnik Vyacheslav and Wawrzyniak-Wydrowska Brygida

Little-known large protists (Komokiacea and Xenophyophorea) in the macrobenthos of an abyssal polymetallic nodule field

Paterson G, Soto E, Billett D, Galeron J, Sibuet M and Hawkins L

Temporal variability in polychaete assemblages of the abyssal NE Atlantic Ocean: the species response.

Amaro T., Danovaro R., Billett D.S.M. and Cunha M.R.

Ecosystem functioning in the deep sea: the trophic biology of the holothurian Molpadia musculus at 3,500 m in the Nazaré Canyon, Portuguese Margin

Narayanaswamy BE and Bett BJ

Biomass relations in the Faroe-Shetland Channel: an Arctic-Atlantic boundary environment

Ross E, Bett B, Billett D, Henson S, Iglesias-Rodriguez D, Rogacheva A, Ruhl H, Tyler P and Huvenne V

Satellite to seafloor: ocean colour and holothurian distribution

Kalogeropoulou V., Billett D.S.M., Gooday A.J., Lampadariou N., Martinez Arbizu P., Tselepides A. and Vanreusel A.

Temporal changes, during a fifteen-year period (1989-2004), in deep sea metazoan meiofaunal assemblages at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain, NE Atlantic.

Davies J S, Howell K L, Jacobs C, Narayanaswamy B, Stewart H and Golding N

Mapping the benthic assemblages of Anton Dohrn Seamount

Howell K, Davies J, Golding N, Jacobs C, Narayanaswamy B and Stewart H

Mapping the deep - the UK's deep-sea marine protected area network project

Benn A R, Weaver P P, Billett D S M, van den Hove S, Le Bas T, Murdock A and Doneghan G

A quantitative assessment of anthropogenic activities in the deep North East Atlantic

Hall S., Thatje S. and Held C.

The Evolutionary History And Phylogeny Of The Sub-Family Lithodinae (Decapoda: Anomura: Lithodidae)

Brown A and Thatje S

Respiratory response of the deep-sea lysianassoid amphipod Stephonyx biscayensis (Chevreux, 1908) to temperature and hydrostatic pressure

Cottin Delphine, Shillito Bruce, Chertemps Thomas, Thatje Sven, Leger Nelly And Ravaux Juliette

Thermal stress response of the hydrothermal vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata

Mestre N. C., Thatje T. and Tyler P. A.

The ocean is not deep enough: pressure tolerances during early ontogeny of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis

Oliphant A, Thatje S, Brown A, Morini M, Ravaux J and Shillito B

Pressure tolerance of the shallow-water caridean shrimp, Palaemonetes varians, across its thermal tolerance window

Thatje S

The role of specific dynamic action in the hydrostatic pressure tolerance of the shallow water spider crab Maja brachydactyla

Billett D, Wolff G, Holtvoeth J, FitzGeorge-Balfour T, Fisher E, Bett B, Salter I, Boorman B, Hughes J, King N, Jamieson A, Bagley P and Chaillan F

Benthic responses to natural iron fertilisation in the oceans