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NOCS Surface Flux Dataset v2.0
Maps of shortwave, latent, longwave, sensible, and net heat fluxes. Also uncertainty for net heat flux

Fluxes from NOCS v2.0 (W m-2)

Building on Version 1 of the NOC Climatology and recent work by the Surface Processes sub-group, a new in-situ surface meteorology and flux dataset has been developed (NOCS v2.0). The dataset development is being funded under the Oceans2025 sustained observations theme.

New features in NOCS v2.0 include:
  • Extended to cover period 1973 to 2009
  • Based on ICOADS release 2.4 (release 2.5 used for 2007 - 2009)
  • Uncertainty estimates for each grid-box
  • Smoothed using Optimal Interpolation
  • Latest information on bias adjustment used

** NOCS v2.0 is available to download from the CISL Research Data Archive at NCAR. **

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