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Ocean Observing and Climate

The NOC1.1 Flux Climatology

The NOC1.1 flux climatology is the renamed version of the Original SOC flux climatology. The flux fields have been determined from in situ meteorological reports in the COADS 1a (Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Dataset 1a) covering the period 1980-93. The method used to produce the climatology is fully described in:

Josey, S. A., E. C. Kent and P. K. Taylor, 1998: The Southampton Oceanography Centre (SOC) Ocean - Atmosphere Heat, Momentum and Freshwater Flux Atlas. Southampton Oceanography Centre Report No. 6, 30 pp. plus figs, pdf icon Download PDF copy.

A major innovation in the production of the climatology was the correction of the meteorological reports, for the first time, for various observational biases using additional measurement procedure information from the WMO47 list of ships.

Data Access

Heat flux and wind stress fields Data format: Ascii , Matlab, Netcdf or Pstar

Freshwater flux fields Data format: Ascii, Matlab, Netcdf or Pstar

Meteorological fields Data format: Ascii, Matlab, Netcdf or Pstar

In addition to the climatological monthly fields, we have also made available Individual Monthly Fields for the period of the climatology. These have now been extended to cover the additional period 1994-2005.

The various datasets are freely available to interested users. However, we encourage users to inform us by email if they transfer the files giving a contact address and a short summary of research interest. By doing this we will be able to inform you of future modifications to the fields. For this purpose and for general queries contact: Simon Josey or Jeremy Grist .