The NOCS Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography (LSO) brings together expertise in Remote Sensing from across NOCS. The LSO provides opportunities for the wider community - in oceanography, climate science and the public sector - to benefit from the exciting developments in remote sensing of the oceans.

The LSO is open to all staff and students at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton with an interest in satellite remote sensing. The LSO holds regular discussion meetings, further details of which can be found here (please note that this link is currently only accessible by users within NOCS).


Envisat over the Earth

The aims of the LSO are to develop and apply remote sensing techniques to the study of the physics, biology and bio-geochemistry of the ocean, in the context of ocean circulation and climate. Techniques and applications to oceanography of active (radar) and passive microwave, infrared and visible wavelength remote sensing methods are developed. Instruments are developed for deployment at sea for calibration of satellite sensors. Algorithms are being developed for improved ocean interpretation of remote sensing data, and new data processing techniques are being produced.

About this Site

Envisat over the Earth

On this site you will find information about our Research, Teaching and consultation on Strategy and Policy. There is also information on the People in the LSO, the Data available within the LSO and Meetings and Seminars of interest to members of the LSO.

The LSO also runs an online magazine Oceans4schools.

Please contact us at LSO enquiries if you would like a copy of a brochure describing our work in remote sensing of the oceans, or if you require any further information on the LSO.

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