Ocean biogeochemical cycles

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Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles

(a) ocean acidification: due to invasion of fossil fuel CO2 into the ocean.

Del pH.png

(b) global warming: how increasing the greenhouse effect interacts with other components of the Earth’s radiation balance and heat reservoirs.

(c) future ocean C sink: will any of the multiple ways in which the ocean is being changed make a large difference to how much CO2 it absorbs?

(d) long-term CO2: what legacy will our burning of fossil fuels leave behind for future generations, including our descendants living many thousands of years in the future?

Further Reading:

1. J.L. Sarmiento & N. Gruber (2006) Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics, Princeton University Press.

2. W.S. Broecker & T.-H. Peng (1982) Tracers in the Sea, Eldigio Press. (still worth reading)