Earth system stabilisation

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Earth System Stabilisation

The models featured here allow some insights into these automatic processes which keep the planetary environment in check. Five negative feedback processes are incorporated in the different models, one in each model:

(a) phytoplankton growth and ocean phosphate:

(b) nitrogen-fixer growth and ocean N:P ratio:

(c) diatom growth and ocean silicate:

(d) carbonate compensation and ocean carbonate:

(e) Earth heat emission and Earth temperature: black-body radiation

The properties that these negative feedbacks endow on Earth System behaviour, and the degree to which they impart stability to the Earth environment can be analysed with the different models in several ways:

(1) comet simulations:

(2) Time-variable river inputs: Follmi and fast follmi

(3) instantaneous perturbations:

(4) pulse addition experiments: and fossil fuel scenarios

(5) Volcanic eruptions:

(6) Randomised initial conditions: