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Ocean Observing and Climate Staff

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Mr  2062
Mr  2062
Dr Jim AndrewsStructural geology; educational research2786
Prof Jonathan BullMarine geophysics and active faulting3078
Dr Anne ChabertMarine Geophysics6614
Mr John DavisMarine Geophysics and Seismology6055
Dr Thomas GernonIgneous and Volcanic Geology, Marine Geology2670
Dr Michael Grant9610
Dr Nicholas HarmonPassive Source Seismology and Marine Geophysics4783
Dr Tim HenstockGeophysics and seismology6491
Dr Rachael JamesMarine Geochemistry9005
Dr Derek KeirTectonics and Geophysics6614
Dr Lisa McNeillActive tectonics, marine geophysics, earthquakes3640
Dr Feng (Barry) TaoGeospatial Data Management, SensorML, Semantic Web3049
Mr Saikiran TharimenaGeophysics and Seismology9239
Visiting Staff
Prof David SandersonTectonics and Geomechanics5455
Prof Robert WhitmarshMarine geophysics6564
PhD Students
Mr Pierre Cazenave6485
Miss Becky CookMarine Geophysics/Tectonics6507
Miss Holly Elliott6507
Mr Tim HughesGeophysical Modelling92/9
Mr  Giuseppe Malgesini6562
Mr Greg MellingNumerical Modelling, Scour, Sediment Transport6130
Mr Sudipta SarkarHigh-resolution 2D marine seismic data processing and interpretation.6469
Miss Marina Siti6539
Miss Gemma Smith6507