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To find out more about research facilities within the Geology & Geophysics Group, please use the links below.

Laboratory facilities

Rock Physics Laboratory

BOSCORF: British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility

Sediment analysis instruments

Seafloor visualisation & data processing

Geophysical data processing

SEG-Y conversion of seismic images

Sea-going equipment

3D Chirp system

High-resolution 3D seismics

Seafloor electromagnetics (DASI, LEMUR etc.)

High resolution geophysics

OBIC: UK Ocean-Bottom Instrument consortium

NMFD equipment pool

The following instruments are managed within the National Marine Equipment Pool. However, G&G staff are major users of these items of equipment and in many cases were involved in their development. As such, the G&G group have extensive expertise in their use and interpretation of data.

  • Towed Ocean Bottom Instrument (TOBI)
  • Remotely-operated vehicle Isis
  • Coring gear
  • Ship-mounted multibeam
  • Seismic sources and streamers
  • Gravimeter and magnetometer