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Cruises and expeditions


Staff in the G&G group spend a significant amount of research time at sea, collecting data and carrying out experiments. A list of forthcoming cruises and recently completed cruises is given below. Click on the links to view cruise highlights.

Upcoming cruises
Vessel/cruise Dates Area NOCS lead
RV James Cook JC027 Aug-Sept 2008 Atlantic margin Russell Wynn (PI)
RV James Clark Ross Aug-Sept 2008 Arctic Ocean Tim Minshull (PI)


Recent cruises
Vessel/cruise Dates Area NOCS/GG lead
RV Sonne 198/08 May - Aug 2008 Sumatra Tim Henstock
RRS James Cook JC024 May-June 2008 MAR 45ºN Bram Murton
RV Celtic Explorer April-May 2008 SW Iceland MAR Bram Murton
RRS James Cook JC019 Dec 2007 Montserrat Tim Minshull (PI)
RV Roger Revell Nov 2007 Central Indian Ridge Bram Murton
RV Meteor Oct 2007 Makran accretionary margin Bram Murton
RRS James Cook JC015 Sept-Oct 2007 Hatton Bank/Rockall Trough Gavin Elliott
RRS James Cook HERMES ROV cruise May-July 2007 Gulf of Cadiz/Portuguese Margin/Whittard Canyon Phil Weaver/Doug Masson
RV Roger Revelle May-June 2007 Sumatran margin earthquake zone Russell Wynn
RV Birkeland May 2007 Norwegian margin Christian Berndt
RRS James Cook March-April 2007 Fifteen-Twenty Fracture Zone (MAR) Bramley Murton
RRS James Cook Nov-Dec 2006 Nazare Canyon (trials cruise) Colin Jacobs
RV Aora Nov 2006 Irish Sea Tim Le Bas
MV Franklin Sept 2006 Faeroe-Shetland Channel Colin Jacobs
MV Alexis II archaeology cruise Aug-Sept 2006 SW Cyprus V.Hühnerbach
MV Franklin 0206 July 2006 Western UK shelf, Hatton Bank Colin Jacobs (PI)
(RV Pelagia)
July 2006 Minch, NW Scotland V.Hühnerbach
TTR16 Leg 3 June-July 2006 Nyegga slide, Norway Tim Minshull (co-PI)
TTR16 Leg 1 May 2006 Rhone Fan, W. Mediterranean Russell Wynn (PI)
RV Jan Mayen May 2006 Norwegian margin Christian Berndt
Charles Darwin CD179 Apr 2006 Portuguese Margin David Billett (PI)
Charles Darwin CD178 Mar-Apr 2006 Gulf of Cadiz/W.Mediterranean Doug Masson (PI)/ Christian Berndt (PI)