Social science papers:

accuracyIV.pdf One of our old accuracy papers from Social Networks
decision.pdf Decision tree on HIV patients revealing status, Human Organisation, accepted
disaster.pdf Ripple effect of disasters, Connections
ego.pdf How many alters do you need when studying ego centred networks? Social Networks accepted.
evalref.pdf Main paper on counting uncountable method
farm.pdf Statistics paper on estimating numbers from observations, Field methods
heroin.pdf Paper on heroin use in the inner city, using our uncountable population methods
impact.pdf Impact of reducing number of alters asked about for egocentric network studies
keynote.htm Keynote talk given at Sunbelt conference, 1997
power.pdf Two ways of looking at the same dataset, Soc Networks
reversesmw.pdf The Reverse Small World paper of 1978
rsw.pdf The accuracy of small world choices in social networks (Soc Networks)
trans.pdf Transmission of errors paper (Sociological Methodology and Research)
twomethods.pdf Two methods for estimating hard-to-count (Human Org)