The 2nd Meeting on

the Physical Oceanography of Sea Straits,

15th-19th April 2002


Copies (PDF) of papers presented at the meeting may be downloaded from the following pages:


A summary report of the meeting, by Larry Pratt, is avalable here

A number of extended papers based on presentations at the meeting have been published in Deep-sea Research II, 54(3-4).





The organising committee would like to thank the Office of Naval Research, including the International Field Office, for supporting the meeting and the dissemination of this document (Grants N00014-01-1-0167 and N00014-02-1-1028).  We also thank Louise Allen for her assistance in the preparation of this publication; Bibi Moreno and Debbie Taylor for help with organisation of the meeting; and all those who contributed posters and talks.


                   David Farmer

                   Mike Gregg

                   Steve Murray

                   Larry Pratt

                   Louis Prieur

                   David Smeed





This work relates to Department of Navy Grant N00014-02-1-1028 issued by Office of Naval Research International Field Office.  The United States Government has a royalty-free license throughout the world in all copyrightable material contained herein.


For a limited time copies of individual papers will be available for download from the Southampton Oceanography Centre website: