Sills of the Global Ocean: a compilation

Simon R. Thompson

Paper submitted to the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.


A literature search has been carried out in order to identify the sills which are important in the distribution of water masses throughout the global ocean. The result is a series of tables giving sill location, depth and width (where this is known) and references. This information will be of use to modellers concerned that the bottom topography they are using lacks some of the deep passages connecting basins due to either inaccuracies in their data or subsequent smoothing. Also, in pointing out regions where models may be handicapped by a lack of accurate bathymetry, it is hoped that the tables will stimulate interest amongst sea-going oceanographers.

Tables and Maps.

The author would be very grateful to receive more accurate estimates for any of the values presented, or suggestions for sills which may have been overlooked. Please send comments to Simon Thompson or Beverly de Cuevas.

Last updated 18 July 1996.