The OCCAM ftp directory contains the full set of programs and files produced by the OCCAM project which have been made available to the academic community. Links to the latest versions of the software are given below.

Some software produced by the FRAM project is still available in a separate FRAM ftp directory.

OCCAM data is stored in HDF format. The OCCAM plotting and analysis programs need the HDF library to be set up before they can be compiled.

The following naming conventions have been used for the file extensions:

ascii text
unformatted binary
UNIX archive file created using "tar cvf"
archive file created using gnu gzip utility (Unix, PC and Mac).
compressed file using the Unix "compress" utility

Latest versions of OCCAM programs

Latest release of the 'moma' ocean model code. See: 'Webb, D.J., 1996: An ocean model code for array processor computers. Computers and Geosciences, 22(5), 569-578'.

First release of 'moma.mpi'. This is a MPI message passing version of moma.

The MPI libraries need to be set up before "moma.mpi" is compiled.

Latest release of 'moma.pvm'. This is a PVM message passing version of moma. Version 1.10 includes monthly ocean surface fluxes, read by the master and sent on demand to the slaves.

The PVM libraries need to be set up before "moma.pvm" is compiled. In the UK, PVM is available from Hensa.

Latest release of the mplot plotting program for use with moma, moma.pvm and OCCAM HDF datasets. mplot is a general X11-based plotting program which renders two-dimensional slices of model data. Slices can be orientated along any of the model axes. Features include: zooming and panning, choice of colour scales, user-controllable limits, PostScript output and the ability to combine two slices as either a difference or vector field. Images are displayed in a rectangular window with an approximately 3 to 1 aspect ratio. It needs the colourfiles in colour2.tar.gz.

Latest release of the dplot plotting program for use with moma, moma.pvm and OCCAM HDF datasets. dplot is based upon the mplot program but only permits the visualisation of horizontal slices from the datasets. Images are displayed in a larger window with a square aspect ratio.

Latest release of the gplot plotting program for use with OCCAM HDF datasets. gplot combines data from both parts of the OCCAM model and displays them in either an orthographic or Mollweide projection.

Latest release version of vplot. Vplot is similiar to the mplot plotting program but also handles two dimensional vertical snapshots (i.e east-west and north-south sections created by the utility program occslice). Vplot also calculates differences between vertical sections.

Tar file containing all compressed tar files of all OCCAM plotting programs.

Tar file containing OCCAM utilities software containing routines and example programs for handling and manipulating OCCAM archive datasets.

Other Programs

Gzip tar file containing Fortran program for calculating moonlight. See: Austin, R.H., Phillips, B.F. and Webb, D.J. (1976) A method for calculation moonlight illuminance at the Earth's surface. Journal of Applied Ecology, 13(3), 741-748.

Gzip file containing Fortran functions for calculating the analytic functions used in: Webb, D.J. (1999) An analytic model of the Agulhas Current as a western boundary current with linearly varying viscosity. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 29(7), 1517-1527.

File last amended November 2001 (djw)