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During the course of the Ocean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling Project (OCCAM) posters have been presented at many meetings, conferences and workshops around the world. This page contains links to PDF versions of some of these posters. Most posters are sized for A0 paper but may be viewed and printed on smaller media using the "shrink to fit" options of PDF browsers, such as Adobe's acroread utility.

Note that unfortunately some of the later posters are very large (~25 Mb). These will usually need a fast internet connection to be downloaded in a reasonable amount of time.

The following poster was presented at the EGS meeting in Nice, 2003:

The following posters were presented at the WOCE Final Conference in 2002:

Posters presented at the earlier 1998 WOCE conference are:

Other posters relating to work undertaken by the OCCAM team include:

Models of the Mediterranean Outflow (0.5MB). Presented at the CANIGO sub-project 4 meeting, Madrid November 1997

The Mediterranean Outflow in the OCCAM model (2MB). Presented at EGS'98 Nice.

An analytic model of the Agulhas Current as a western boundary current with linearly varying viscosity (128KB). Presented at EGS'99.

Improved advection schemes for ocean models (464KB). Presented at EGS'99.

Evidence for shallow zonal jets in the South Equatorial Current region of the Southwest Pacific (867KB). Presented at EGS 2000.

For further information contact Beverly de Cuevas.