OCCAM 1/8 x 1/8 degree global ocean model

Mascarene Ridge region

by Joanna Padfield and Andrew Coward

Output from the OCCAM 1/8x1/8 degree global model for the region of the Indian Ocean encompassing the Mascarene Ridge to the northeast of Madagascar has been extracted and presented in a report for the Shoals of Capricorn project.

This report is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). The document may be browsed online by clicking on the title image below but be warned the entire PDF file is 22MB large. PostScript versions of the individual figures may be obtained via anonymous ftp in either compressed (zipped) or uncompressed form.

This page extends the information contained in the report by presenting 6 short animations from the time series of model results. These animations may be downloaded and viewed (by a suitably configured browser) by clicking on any of the following images or text links. Each MPEG encoded movie is less than 1MB large. Additional plots which were not included in the final report are also available via anonymous ftp

Level 2 (30m) Potential temperature. Range: 22 to 28 degrees centigrade

Level 2 (30m) Salinity. Range: 34.3 to 35.55 PSU

Level 8 (200m) Potential temperature. Range: 12.5 to 22.5 degrees centigrade

Level 8 (200m) Salinity. Range: 34.6 to 35.4 PSU

Level 23 (2150m) Potential temperature. Range: 1.75 to 2.5 degrees centigrade

Level 23 (2150m) Salinity. Range: 34.72 to 34.77 PSU

Additional plots were not included in the report but are available in postscript format from this page. They are:

  • Annual fields:
  • Annual mean meridional velocity (full depth)
  • Annual mean meridional velocity (expanded view)
  • Annual mean zonal velocity (full depth)
  • Annual mean zonal velocity (expanded view)
  • Winter fields:
  • Winter mean potential temperature (full depth)
  • Winter mean salinity (full depth)
  • Winter mean cross-track velocity (full depth)
  • Winter mean meridional velocity (full depth)
  • Winter mean meridional velocity (expanded view)
  • Winter mean zonal velocity (full depth)
  • Winter mean zonal velocity (expanded view)
  • Spring fields:
  • Spring mean potential temperature (full depth)
  • Spring mean salinity (full depth)
  • Spring mean cross-track velocity (full depth)
  • Spring mean meridional velocity (full depth)
  • Spring mean meridional velocity (expanded view)
  • Spring mean zonal velocity (full depth)
  • Spring mean zonal velocity (expanded view)
  • Summer fields
  • Summer mean potential temperature (full depth)
  • Summer mean salinity (full depth)
  • Summer mean cross-track velocity (full depth)
  • Summer mean meridional velocity (full depth)
  • Summer mean meridional velocity (expanded view)
  • Summer mean zonal velocity (full depth)
  • Summer mean zonal velocity (expanded view)
  • Autumn fields
  • Autumn mean potential temperature (full depth)
  • Autumn mean salinity (full depth)
  • Autumn mean cross-track velocity (full depth)
  • Autumn mean meridional velocity (full depth)
  • Autumn mean meridional velocity (expanded view)
  • Autumn mean zonal velocity (full depth)
  • Autumn mean zonal velocity (expanded view)