The OCCAM contribution to GANES is in coll aboration with the Department of Meteorology at the University of Edinburgh as a data provider and is an extension of the work already undertaken during the AGORA project. Satellite data will be assimilated into the OCCAM 1/4 degree global model for the period 1994 - 1997 during GANES.

Archive datasets containing instantaneous and average fields (sea level, potential temperature, salinity, and horizontal velocity) are stored at 5-day intervals, at 10-day intervals coincident with the assimilation and also at the end of each calendar month.. In addition snapshots containing instantaneous sea level, barotropic velocity and potential temperature and salinity for level 1 (10 m) and level 10 (295 m) are stored daily.

Data for the North Atlantic may be requested by the GANES partners from the GANES data selector. Other researchers should use the OCCAM data selector.

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