Snapshot data selector for runs with high frequency forcing

Output from the OCCAM runs with high frequency forcing is available in the form of snapshots. These contain horizontal fields of sea surface height, the barotropic velocity components, potential temperature and salinity in the top model level (9.87m) and potential temperature and salinity at level 10 (295.34m). This page allows the you to automatically request snapshotfs of your area of interest. Fill in the details of the area i(either by editing the text boxes or by clicking and dragging the mouse on the map) and the data you require in the form below and press the Send button. You will be informed via e-mail when your data can be collected by anonymous ftp from

The fuser may select one of the ollowing types of data output:

HDF: Hierarchial Data Format

Ascii:Formatted ascii files

Binary: Unformatted IEEE binary files.

Matlab:Double precision MAT-files

FORTRAN programs will be made available for reading data from these files.

The longitude values can be entered in one of two formats. Either from -180.0 to 180.0 or from 0.0 to 360.0. It is also possible to select data which crosses the Greenwich Meridian . Users wishing to obtain this area of data are advised to enter the co-ordinates into the appropiate text boxes since restrictions on the rubber-banding functionality will not allow the user to select such a region using this method.

Please note: this page is still under test. Let us know of any problems by emailing