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Sea Ice and Oceanic Vertical Circulation:

This project contributes to the NERC ARCICE Thematic Programme under the theme of Sea ice-atmosphere-ocean interactions. It involves work in the Nordic Seas in collaboration with Peter Wadhams (SPRI) and Seymour Laxon (MSSL).

We wish to learn about how ice influences deep convection in the Greenland Sea, how ice influences shallow convection and the upstream formation of overflow waters, and how ice preconditions deep and shallow convective regions.

This page contains news about cruises and research progress.

Original Proposal

Under the auspices of the NERC ARCICE Thematic Programme there have so far been both a summer and winter cruise to the Nordic Seas.

Summer Cruise:

Cats-MiaowCirculation And Thermohaline Structure - Mixing, Ice And Ocean Weather
RRS James Clark Ross JR44
23rd July, 1999 - 31st August, 1999.
Port of Hull, UK - Port of Grimsby, UK.
Cruise Report

Winter Cruise:

SCORESBYOcean-ice physics cruise to the Central Greenland Sea
RV Jan Mayen 3/2000 Cruise
February 16th, 2000 - March 10th, 2000.
Port of Tromso, Norway - Port of Tromso, Norway.

New Surface Drifters:

PIMMsPolar Ice Motion Monitors
Local (SOC) support for ARCICE was awarded for the development of surface following ice drifters with Orbcomm communications, GPS and SST/SAT sensors.

Topography and Ice Edge Data

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